News | 5.6.2020

Hoivatilat collaborating with Attendo and Pilke päiväkodit for the 2021 Housing Fair in Lohja

Hoivatilat, Attendo and Pilke päiväkodit are building a Service Community premises to the Housing Fair, to be held in Lohja in 2021. The overall project, to be implemented in accordance with the Dream Service Community concept, combines early childhood education with housing and care services for the elderly. The day care centre has facilities for about 60 children, and the nursing home has 50 places for the elderly.

The communal spirit of the project is reflected in the building on many floors. The residents of the day care centre and the nursing home for the elderly share the same yard. The shared facilities of the adjacent buildings and the common yard for all residents also bring the entire block of residents and visitors together. The restaurant area overlooking the common square in the building also allows guests to visit the block. The restaurant offers an excellent vantage point overlooking the entire block.

This is the third Housing Fair Finland exhibition for Hoivatilat, and the second with the Dream Service Community theme. We are very pleased with the collaboration with the service operators and the housing fair organisation. Our project for the fair will be genuinely integrated into the area, as we have been involved in creating everything from the start. The theme of the concept, “Interactions”, will be reflected in the sharing of the yards and service spaces, where the multigenerational aspect is also present. I am also pleased with the emphasis on the nature theme in the yard design”, says Hoivatilat project development manager Olli Haapio.

Nature and togetherness by the lakeside

The balconies and common areas of the nursing home face the lake landscape. The yard’s berry bushes, trees and cultivation boxes can also be used to teach the day care centre children about ecology and natural cycles. The block and its surroundings are designed for safe mobility. There are plenty of car-free routes in the area.

It’s great to be involved in a project that brings people together across the generations. The interior of the nursing home will be comfortable and functional, and the yard area offers a wide range of possibilities. Lake Lohjanjärvi’s beautiful waterfront landscapes, the green and safe environment and interactions with the day care centre children and staff will undoubtedly bring joy to the daily lives of many older residents,” says Attendo’s regional director Simo Saaranen.

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