News | 20.2.2020

Hoivatilat chosen as the second best workplace in Finland

Hoivatilat has been chosen as the second best workplace in Finland in the small organisation category of a study conducted by the Great Place to Work Institute. This is the result of several years of focused work to promote personnel satisfaction and to create a functional corporate culture. The results for Best Workplaces in Finland 2020 were announced yesterday at the Great Place to Work award ceremony in Helsinki.

The study conforming to the Great Place to Work model has now been conducted for two consecutive years at Hoivatilat. The study has resulted in excellent Trust Index scores in both years. The Trust Index score for 2018 was 91, and for 2019 it was an impressive 96 points. The Trust Index score indicates the percentage of respondents who consider their workplace to be good or very good. The average Trust Index score for Finnish workplaces is 56.

“We recognise that a good personnel experience leads to a good customer experience. We have invested in the competence and well-being of our personnel and built a supportive work community”, says Jussi Karjula, CEO of Hoivatilat.

The results of the latest survey reveal excellent team spirit and a culture of caring as particular strengths. The personnel also appreciated their ability to make independent decisions and take responsibility in their work, and said they find their work meaningful.

“Our personnel is by far our most important asset. We strive to keep our employees feeling well and satisfied. We understand that life is a combination of work, family, people around you and hobbies. When all of this is in balance, the person has the possibility of being well and working with content”, says Riikka Säkkinen, HR and Communications Director at Hoivatilat.