We are Hoivatilat

Here at Hoivatilat, in cooperation with our partners, we work to create a better society and better service environments for everyone, from babies to the elderly and people in need of special care.

We are a service company specializing in developing, owning and renting early childhood education facilities, care facilities and service communities. Our business operations aim to develop better and more humane urban environments.

In keeping with our promise, we provide a platform for happiness. Our quick and flexible service model ensures that the high-quality facilities and services you need will be available on schedule, as well as being easy to adapt to the needs of various customer groups. We provide the framework – you create the content for your customers.

A service company

We are a service company specializing in the development, ownership and rental of early childhood education, schools, nursing homes and care facilities and service communities. Our business aims to develop a better and more humane urban environment.
Hoitaja ja iäkäs nainen istuvat sohvalla keittiössä.

Fast and flexible

Our rental service model ensures that the facilities you need with the needed services are completed on time, are of a high quality and can be easily modified according to different customer groups. We provide the platform, you create the content for your customers.
Two men in work clothes are reading a plan at a construction site.

Platform for happiness

We work to create a more equal, functional and human society. We believe that a city and its services belong to everyone, and that a vibrant city centre creates opportunities for interaction between people.
Iäkäs mies kävelee käytävällä hoitajan avustamana.




Developed real estate projects

12 000+

Users of facilities

Our values

Trams in the center of Helsinki.


We understand what our customers do and what they need. We serve with pleasure. We bear our responsibilities and operate in a reliable way. Our expertise creates added value for our customers and owners and for society at large.

A woman is looking at the landscape facing the sea.

A proactive approach

We take-action and implement.
We are creative and solution oriented. We work straightforward and systematic, in an efficient and careful manner. We are driven by the results and impact of our work.

A girl forms a heart with her hands.


We are open and positive about the future. We seek inspiration globally and think big. We challenge existing ways of thinking and break new ground.

A major player

We are a part of the Aedifica Group,
which is listed European healthcare
real estate company.

Hoivatilat headquarters is located in Oulu, Finland.
In addition, Hoivatilat has offices in Espoo and
Stockholm, Sweden.

Today, we are a major player in Finland and growing
our business in Sweden, in the education and social and
health care real estate market.

The best workplace in Finland!

Hoivatilat has been chosen as the best workplace in Finland in the small organisation category of a study conducted by the Great Place to Work Institute in 2023.