Kindergarten children are sitting in the hallway where a man is presenting design drawings.

Design process

Based on needs and wishes

Designed and implemented together for the needs of end users. This sums up our way of working – in cooperation with the best facility solution professionals.

Hoivatilat has both experience and efficient solutions that are used in all operations. We pay special attention to the adaptability of our facilities to a diverse range of uses. Thanks to our expertise, we can provide our customers with reliable and cost-effective solutions. In our facility design process, we draw on our completed solutions from more than 250 projects.

All our properties are designed in accordance with their users’ needs and wishes. Our facilities are good places to work, live, study and recover. Our goal is always to make sure that the end user feels at home, whether they are a child in early childhood education, student, professional or someone in need of special care or temporary protection.

Stages of inclusive design

1. Customer’s needs for facilities

Well-planned is half-done. When you become our customer, we start by identifying your need for facilities, intended use of the property and schedule.

2. Preliminary drafts

Next, we examine opportunities to use the selected plot and any municipal regulations for construction. We prepare the first drafts based on the customer’s needs.

With our trusted architect, we also maintain constant contact with municipal officials and obtain the necessary building permits for you.

3. Further specification of designs

We finalise the project-specific facility and outdoor area designs with the customer. In the finalisation phase, the designs can still be fine-tuned in accordance with the intended use of the site: an exercise-, science- or nature-oriented day-care centre or a culture-oriented care home.

4. Project plan approval

We review the final project plan in detail with the customer, and the plan gets its final approval at this stage.

5. Project launch

Our experienced development managers take responsibility for construction, site meetings, official inspections and all contractor connections.

They keep the customer up-to-date on the progress of the construction site.

6. Property completion

The building implemented by Hoivatilat is now complete – in line with the quality level ordered and the promised schedule. We safeguard the customer’s interests throughout the construction project, and are actively involved as the responsible long-term owner of the property.