News | 19.10.2020

Hoivatilat AB won the preschool plot competition in the municipality of Huddinge

In the spring, the municipality of Huddinge announced a new preschool plot competition in the municipality of Huddinge for the Mellansjö and Svartvik area.

Of the approximately ten bids received, Hoivatilat AB is now proposed as the winner with Metropolis Arkitekter design “Sommarvilla”. The preschool operator is Kunskapsförskolan.

“It feels great to be able to implement this preschool together with the municipality of Huddinge and our partners, Kunskapsförskolan and Metropolis Arkitekter,” says Maria Frid, CEO of Hoivatilat AB.

Kunskapsförskolan has been involved in the development of the preschool. The building supports their activities in all respects. The preschool is designed for seven groups and 84 children.

“It feels good to be able to continue cooperation in another project together with Hoivatilat,” says Per Uppman, CEO of Kunskapsförskolan.

The preschool is scheduled to graduate and begin operations in the first half of 2022. Final regulatory decisions for the project are currently awaited.

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