News | 12.2.2021

Hoivatilat participates as a partner in a project: responsible for the construction of a preschool, school and sports hall in the new residential area of Källberga, just north of Nynäshamn

Hoivatilat specialises in the construction of community/public buildings, and is part of the European property group, Aedifica. The company has signed a contract for the acquisition of around 5000 m² (gross area) for the construction of a preschool, school and sports centre in the new residential area of Källberga in the Municipality of Nynäshamn. The deal is conditional on planning permission, among other factors.

Källberga is an area of outstanding natural beauty, and the plans for the first construction stage include 700 homes, shops and community service facilities. The location of the area is unique, and the design program is exceptionally ambitious in respect of social and ecological sustainability and its architecture. The school building will accommodate both the preschool and the school and will be dimensioned for around 450 children and pupils.

”As always, when we are involved, we have set exceptionally high standards for construction and choice of operator for the school”, says Hoivatilat’s CEO, Maria Frid. ”The planned buildings will also be certified under the Miljöbyggnad [Environmental Building] system, at the Silver level”.

”We are proud that we have been entrusted with participating in the development of the area. The next stage in the project is to bring in interested school operators who share our vision of long-term commitment and quality”, continues Maria Frid. ”Schooling is central to the development of new areas, and this makes us both aware of our responsibilities and pleased to be involved in realising our own and the area’s high ambitions”, she concludes.

The first sod was turned at Källberga on Monday, 8 February. At a Covid-safe ceremony, the landowners, Källberga Mark AB, represented by Marcus Wallenberg and Fanny Sachs, along with the Chair of the Municipal Executive Committee, Harry Bouveng and Deputy Chair, Patrik Isestad, planted a tree to symbolise the common commitment of both the project and the Municipality to long-term sustainability.

The first construction stage includes a mixed development of school/preschool with associated sports centre, apartment blocks, terraced houses and detached houses, as well as overall infrastructure with public spaces in the form of streets, parks, squares and water/sewerage.


The infrastructure is being built by AB Styrhytten, which is a family-owned company based in the Municipality of Södertälje. A combined preschool and school is being developed by Hoivatilat AB. An essential social facility with a target for the start of term in January 2024 of 450 pupils.

The detached houses are to be leased in association with Fiskarhedenvillan AB, with a focus on developing a coherent layout providing a sustainable offering for future homeowners. Apartment blocks and terraced houses have multiple stakeholders, and final negotiations are in progress.

It is estimated that the first construction stage will be completed in its entirety in 2024. The construction of the homes and the school is expected to start in the fourth quarter of 2021, with occupancy during 2023.


Källberga is a new and highly scenic residential area in the Municipality of Nynäshamn. Particularly high ecological and social goals have been set for this new development. Källberga is being laid out from this hilly and diverse countryside to harmonise and create varied residential areas and public spaces, with the planning making the best possible use of and reflecting the landscape.

The area is spectacular, with dramatic forested ridges framing fields formerly used for agriculture. Both forest and sea are close by. It is ideal for enjoying the great outdoors all year round, rambling in the forest or enjoying cross-country skiing in winter.

Källberga is just ten kilometres north of Nynäshamn, with access from Muskövägen, the road specially built to provide access to the naval base on the island of Muskö, and next to Route 73, which provides excellent communication facilities to Stockholm and the surrounding region. The town of Ösmo is about a kilometre away and is most easily reached by cycling. Commuter trains leave from the local station for both Stockholm and Nynäshamn every 30 minutes. From Källberga itself, commuter buses depart for Nynäshamn and Stockholm every 20 minutes.


Hoivatilat plans, develops, constructs and is the long-term owner of community/public buildings intended for use as preschools, schools and as facilities for health and social care. And always with a view to the future, with professional sensitivity and focusing on our customers’ needs and wishes. The word “Hoivatilat” translates directly from Finnish as ”Care facilities” . But in our eyes, it also means ”Houses with Heart” – which is what we create.

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