Ecological construction takes into account the entire life cycle of the property

Materials, transportation, construction, operation, maintenance and demolition – the environmental impact of a property is formed throughout the life cycle of the building. As a responsible property owner, Hoivatilat actively utilises information on factors affecting the environment and climate to minimize the environmental impact of its business operations. Hoivatilat already have several activities and tools in place and in use.

The goals of developing our operations from the perspective of environmental responsibility are to promote low-carbon construction, improve energy efficiency and use renewable energy sources.

”In 2019, Hoivatilat adopted a policy of calculating the carbon footprints and handprints of all property projects to be launched. Next, an indicator for the carbon footprint of properties so that a quantifiable target can be set for reducing it.”

Juhana Saarni, property director

Building blocks of an ecological property of Hoivatilat