Hoivatilat is a service company that specialises in producing, developing, owning and leasing out day-care centres, nursing homes, schools and service communities.

We are more than a construction firm or real estate fund. We are a comprehensive partner for municipalities and service providers, as well as an active and responsible owner of properties.



Hoivatilat operating model includes the active and responsible ownership of finished facilities. Hoivatilat assumes responsibility for property investments and functional facilities, so the assets required to build customer facilities can be allocated to other uses.

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Single turnkey contract

In addition to providing facilities, Hoivatilat takes responsibility for all construction-related contract and permit processes. Hoivatilat leases or buys a plot of land, designs and implements the facilities, and remains an active owner of the completed properties.

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Modifiable facilities and participatory design

Hoivatilat possesses experience along with complete and efficient solutions that can be utilised in all of the company’s operations. Particular attention is paid to the flexibility and adaptability of all facilities. The expertise of Hoivatilat gives customers the certainty of tested solutions and cost-efficiency brought by experience. As our customers always take part in the design process, the finished facilities are guaranteed to fulfil their wishes and needs.

Participatory design process


Extensive experience

Hoivatilat understands the special requirements set for care facilities. Hoivatilat works in close cooperation with an expert network that has strong expertise in the design and construction of care facilities and high-quality operations. Every project is planned in accordance with each customer’s wishes and the intended use of the facilities. Hoivatilat has experience in more than 150 projects in more than 60 municipalities.

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