Lease model is a service model

Hoivatilat lease model is a comprehensive service model in which Hoivatilat is responsible for financing, planning and building the premises on a turnkey basis. Our customer can be either the municipality directly or the operator providing the service.

A dream service community is built of everyday wishes

The Service Community is a communal and comfortable living environment, in connection with which successful business is supported by the area’s customer flow, investment-free premises, good accessibility and the communities positive reputation.

This is how a service community is built

Hoivatilat identifies the views of those making decisions on the services needed in the specific area.

Hoivatilat contacts people and service providers in the area to identify what services they would like to have in the service community to make their everyday life better.

Hoivatilat brings partners and service providers together, acts as the project manager until the end of the project and remains the responsible owner of the properties built.

Each Service community is based on three elements

Sensible solutions

Elements of a happy life

Something exciting

Customer references

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Olli Haapio

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