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Satamatie Service Community

A modern complex of housing and services in Oulu

Satamatie Service Community is currently being built in the historical harbor milieu in Toppilansalmi, Oulu. It transforms a former warehouse building into a modern complex of housing and services that meets the rapidly growing need for housing and care services for the elderly. At the same time, the Service Community offers services to the entire area.

Satamatie Service Community

Client Norlandia Care Oy

Tyyppi Service Community

Location Oulu

Tenant count 90 resident places in the enhanced nursing home, 34 apartments for assisted living

Completion time end of year 2024

In the coming years, the needs of elderly people for enhanced service housing and assisted housing will grow in North Ostrobothnia and especially in Oulu. Satamatie Service Community has been developed to meet this demand and the growth of service needs. Several services will be available in the Service Community.

Satamatie Service Community project, also known as K21, a Service Community full of life will be built in Toppilansalmi, whose nursing home will offer both enhanced service housing and assisted living for the elderly. Norlandia Care Oy is responsible for the nursing home operations, the implementation of home-ordered services and community activities. Nursing home will have 90 enhanced service housing places and 34 apartments for assisted living, i.e. a home for 124 elderly people.

– The Service Community considers the wishes and needs of the customers. After all, we don’t have individual large floors of enhanced serviced housing or assisted living homes, but we live in small-scale communal cells, which then form a whole, says Graziella Vartola, Norlandia’s country manager.

A day care centre will also be completed at the western end of the Service Community building, which has 4 groups and is designed for 75 children. In the Satamatie Service Community, the courtyards allow children and adults to meet, and the indoor gardens allow you to spend your free time according to your preferences. There are safe outdoor places for the elderly and for people with dementia.

Norlandia Care’s dog day care and a modern fitness center are also located in the building, whose operations are run by Kuntokeskus Liikku Oy.

Hoivatilat operates in the project as a developer and builder, as well as the owner of the property. The Service Communities total area according to the building permit is 10,600 square meters.

Services for the entire area

The Service Community under construction is located close to the city center in an easily accessible and strongly developing area, which has recently seen strong housing construction.

It is significant that the service community project will also bring services to the area, says Jussi Vikman, director responsible for project development and sales at Hoivatilat. In addition to the people living in the service community, the services benefit the other built environment of the area and the people living there.

On the first floor of the service community, commercial premises for grocery store and other commercial services, such as café and restaurant services, will be completed. The apartments built in the building and previously built around it look interesting in a new way, when the local services in the area will increase considerably with the service community project.

PAVE Arkkitehdit Oy is responsible for the architectural design of the site and Temotek Oy is the main contractor. Both are long-term partners of Hoivatilat. Temotek is building 14 unique apartments at the site, which offer high-quality living in a small housing association. The sizes of the apartments vary from a 55 square meters to a 144 square meters on the top floor.

– It’s a pleasure to be part of a team of top experts in this unique project. In all situations, solutions have been found by openly discussing and developing together. Mutual trust is important in achieving the goal, says Antti Kamutta, CEO, Temotek.

The scope of the project can be seen in the precise planning

Since “K21” is an important building in terms of the cityscape, the demolition and conversion required long-term planning and permitting work. In the design of the Satamatie Service Community, attention has been paid to adapting the site to become part of the milieu, and the external appearance and dimensions of the new building will match the old one. The site plan also ensures that the character of the building is preserved.

– All parties are committed to maintaining the values of the Satamatie conversion project until the finish line. There are hardly any examples of similar sites in Finland, Pave Mikkonen, CEO of PAVE Arkkitehdit, describes and assesses that the service community building will be close to people and full of life after completion.

The Satamatie Service Community is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2024. Jussi Vikman states that the project has been timed in a very exceptional period in the economy and construction. It has progressed on schedule despite the unusual world situation.

– Considering the scope and demands of the project, the planning, zoning and approval process were carried out very smoothly and in good cooperation with the parties. I would like to thank the officials of the city of Oulu, as well as the museum authorities, Vikman says.

See architectural pictures of the Satamatie Service Community: