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Nature day-care centre Louna, Kuopio

  • Client: Norlandia Päiväkodit
  • Type: Day-care centre
  • Location: Kuopio
  • Vacancy count: 120
  • Year of Completion: 2017

Staying outdoors in a day-care centre

The nearly 5,000 m2 land area of nature day-care centre Louna in Kuopio offers plenty of room for children to explore and play. What is more, various details that support nature pedagogy needed to be taken into account when designing the interior.

Nature day-care centres focus on developing a positive relationship between children and nature and guiding children towards a sustainable way of life. At Louna, the large outdoor area inspires children to stay outdoors.
— It is important that children have access to as diverse a nature as possible. This is why our outdoor area includes plants and open natural spaces, as well as rocks to climb on and built elements, says Miia Kollin, COO of Norlandia Päiväkodit.

Nature pedagogy and the recycling theme can next be seen in the carefully maintained waste canopy.  The children help in sorting the waste into five containers. The interior features natural material. The facilities can be divided into separate sections considering small group activities. Children can also explore nature and what they have planted themselves, both indoors and outdoors.

The world is changing – children’s needs remain the same

Miia Kollin speaks highly of the expertise of Hoivatilat in pedagogy and day-care centre construction.

Early education has faced various changes. The new curriculum for early education has been implemented this year and, for example, part-time care and changing group sizes make every day different from the next, Kollin says.
— The experience of Hoivatilat in various special institutions makes cooperation natural and flexible. From the very beginning of the project, we felt confident that our goal – having a homelike day-care centre full of small group activities that is important to Norlandia Päiväkodit – will be fulfilled. In this way, every child is seen as a unique individual.

Karoliina Moilanen, deputy manager at Louna, feels that the facilities and other solutions are as intended.

Our facilities are very practical for group activities, Moilanen says.
In addition, the colours used are calm and exciting, and it has been easy to decorate all group facilities so that they are enjoyable and inspiring. Children’s parents have also praised how full of light all the facilities are.

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