Kids sitting in the yard on colorful fabric and looking over the camera

Vekara day care centre

The service coupon model frees city’s investment funds for service development

The city of Tampere introduced the service coupon in 2014. Hoivatilat and Vekara Päiväkodit (currently Touhula Varhaiskasvatus) were selected as the vendor of the new service-coupon-based day care centre in a new type of tender process. The successful project was an opening move for both companies.

Hoivatilat Päiväkoti Tampere

Vekara day care centre

Client Touhula Varhaiskasvatus Oy

Tyyppi Day-care centre

Location Tampere

Vacancy count 90

Completion year 2015

 The service coupon is an efficient way for municipalities to provide services without engaging in property investments and construction projects in areas where service needs grow rapidly. The city of Tampere arranged a competition for building rights to find new kinds of service providers and investors to Tampere. In the end, Hoivatilat and Vekara Päiväkodit were selected as the vendors.

In 2015, almost 90 children will spend their days in a new service-coupon-based day care centre in the neighbourhood of Lentävänniemi in Tampere. The service-coupon-based day care centre complements the existing service structure of the district and is also available for inhabitants from neighbouring municipalities under a separate agreement.

The service coupon enriches the service offering

— The service coupon helps us give more choice for the people. It also requires less resources from the municipality and does not tie down the municipality’s investment capital, head of planning Vesa Komonen of the city of Tampere tells us.

Komonen’s view is shared by Arto Lamberg, who has served as the director of early education in the northern city of Oulu.

—The service coupon model reduces the need for investments in growth centres and in regions where service needs grow rapidly.

Use of surrounding nature applauded in the Hoivatilat/Vekara model

The developer and the service producer of the service-coupon-based day care centre in Tampere were selected through a completely new process with no precedents in Finland. The selection was made based on an invite-only competition and interviews.

— The plan proposed by Hoivatilat and Vekara stood out from the applicants, Komonen says.

Komonen especially commends the land use of the companies’ proposal and how the surrounding nature was taken into account in the design of the day care centre. Tarja Vikström, CEO of Vekara Päiväkodit, is happy.

—Winning the tender was important for the development and the growth of our company. Without a dependable property partner, we could not have expanded our operations on this scale.

Collaboration improves efficiency and helps focus on developing core business

— The important thing for us is to have high-quality yet cost-efficient facilities designed for day-care services. It enables us to focus on the development of our own core business, Vikström describes their collaboration with Hoivatilat.

Freeing resources for developing core competencies is extremely important for service businesses. Both Vikström and Korhonen believe that the number of privatised services will increase in the future.

—The service coupon model enriches service production and gives the people more choice, Komonen reminds.