Last modified: 14.5.2019

Disclosure Policy

General principles

The shares of Hoivatilat Plc (“Hoivatilat” or the “Company”) are subject to trading on the stock exchange list of Nasdaq Helsinki Oy. The Board of Directors of the company has approved the company’s disclosure policy in its entirety on 1 February 2017. The disclosure policy will be revised as necessary.

Hoivatilat aims to ensure that all market participants concurrently and without any delay have access to essential and sufficient information in order to determine the prices of the company’s financial instruments.

The aim of the company is to continuously produce consistent, reliable, sufficient and up-to-date information for the market in order to ensure that the capital market participants would have as transparent and clear picture of the company as possible to assess the company’s financial position and the prices of its financial instruments.

Hoivatilat bases its corporate communications on facts: providing a truthful picture of the company’s operations, business environment, strategy, objectives and financial performance.

All releases are published on the company’s website at The official reporting languages of the company are Finnish and English.

Publication of inside information and postponement of the publication

According to the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR), Hoivatilat will publish any inside information concerning the company as soon as possible. Any inside information will be published in a stock exchange release.

When the company assesses whether information is inside information or not, the company shall take into consideration the anticipated impact of the information in light of the totality of the company’s activity and any other market variables likely to affect the price of the company’s financial instruments in the given circumstances.

According to the MAR, Hoivatilat may decide to delay disclosure to the public of inside information provided that all of the following conditions are met:

  1. immediate disclosure is likely to prejudice the legitimate interests of the company;
  2. delay of disclosure is not likely to mislead the public; and
  3. the company is able to ensure the confidentiality of the inside information.

Publication of financial information and financial goals

Hoivatilat will publish a half-yearly report and release financial statements according to an annual schedule given beforehand. The company will also publish a business review for the first and third quarters, the contents of which are briefer than those of the half-yearly report.

Financial objectives and statements on the future will be published in the financial statements release and in the half-yearly report. Hoivatilat only publishes financial objectives for the entire financial year. The company does not comment on the prognoses of the company prepared by financial analysts and is not responsible for their assessments.

Silent period

Hoivatilat applies a silent period that starts 30 days before the publication of the half-yearly report or other financial review.

During the silent period, Hoivatilat will not comment on the company’s financial position, market situation or future prospects. During the silent period, the company’s management shall not meet with representatives of the capital markets or financial media, nor shall the management express any opinions on matters pertaining to the company’s financial position or general outlook. However, the company may answer questions which relate to the business events published during the period. The silent periods are given in the Investor Calendar on the company’s website.

Closed period

Hoivatilat applies a 30-day closed period before the publication of the business review, half-yearly report and the financial statements. During the closed period, the persons discharging managerial responsibilities with the obligation to notify, as well as their minors and the controlled companies of the above mentioned persons may not execute transactions using the company’s financial instruments on their own account or for a third party. The closed period will end on the expiry of the publication date. If the financial statements contain material information previously undisclosed in the financial statements release, such as future prospects, the closed window shall also apply to the financial statements.