Last modified: 14.5.2019


We at Hoivatilat summarise the reason for our existence as follows: We are creating a better society together with our partners.
Our defined vision – what we want to achieve in the future – is the following: Hoivatilat creates a superior customer experience by providing solutions for growth for our customers.

Profitable business operations are an integral part of corporate responsibility

The key goal of Hoivatilat’s operations is to significantly increase the company’s property portfolio during the coming years. The growth pursued by the company must be controlled and profitable. The company experienced strong growth in 2017. Total revenue increased by 66,9 per cent and profit for the financial year increased by 73,5 per cent. During 2017, the property portfolio grew by 59,7 per cent.

We take good care of our personnel

The well-being and development of our personnel are important for our business. We want to provide meaningful and relevant work with great colleagues for our current and future employees alike. In 2017, we replaced development discussions with coaching discussions. In the new model, discussions are held more often, four times a year. The purpose of the discussions is to keep the employees’ goals and roles clear and help and support them in succeeding in their jobs. We also pay attention to sustained motivation, each employee’s training needs and resources, as well as general well-being both at work and at home.

Environmental responsibility with partners

Hoivatilat’s most important focus areas of environmental responsibility include the reduction of the energy consumed and the use of ecological heating systems in the properties whenever possible. We work continuously with our partner network to improve energy efficiency. In addition, we utilise the various means enabled by digitalisation to lengthen the life span of real estate properties and to ensure responsible ownership. Almost all properties constructed by Hoivatilat are built from timber. Choosing timber in construction helps to control climate change. Timber is a renewable construction material. During their life cycle, wooden houses cause significantly less climate and environmental damage than similar houses built from concrete, steel, or bricks.