Last modified: 4.9.2018


Hoivatilat aims to provide solutions for growth for its customers, while operating as a long-term property owner and lessor.

The provision of services requires functional premises. Producing special-purpose properties requires expertise and capital. This is a combination that Hoivatilat is able to offer to growing businesses in the care and day care sector as well as to municipalities. Leadership in the creation of new comprehensive concepts and the promotion of ecologically sound solutions are important elements of the Hoivatilat operating model.

The key goal of Hoivatilat’s operations is to significantly increase the company’s property portfolio during the coming years. The growth pursued by the company must be controlled and profitable. This means that the implemented property projects must satisfy certain financial and qualitative criteria. The strategy prepared by the Board of Directors of the company steers the operations so that the criteria set for projects are met and growth can be implemented both profitably and in a controlled manner.