Last modified: 22.8.2019

Hoivatilat as an investment

  • A unique business model, a service company
  • A socially significant and reforming operating model
  • A rapidly growing company
  • A low-risk company: new properties, long-term lease agreements and 100% occupancy rate
  • A transparent operating model: profit comes from rental income, construction development margins and any changes in the value of properties

Hoivatilat briefly

Hoivatilat Plc (“Hoivatilat” or “the company”) is a service company that specialises in producing, developing, owning and leasing out nursing homes, day care centres, service communities and schools. Hoivatilat offers high-quality and cost-effective leased care premises solutions for early childhood education and other care services, primarily to private service providers, but also to municipalities. The Hoivatilat model gives the user of the premises access to a turnkey solution based on a single agreement. In addition to the production of the premises, the company handles all contract and permit processes related to construction. The company designs, finances and develops properties to create completely ready-to-use premises. In doing so, it provides a comprehensive solution; from leasing or buying the plot of land and managing development and construction activities to equipping the property to the standard required for ready-to-use care premises.

Hoivatilat operates in the care property market, which has seen rapid growth in Finland in recent years. Private sector service provision has increased in day care as well as other care segments as a result of trends such as the outsourcing of public service production and the growing use of service vouchers. The customer base of Hoivatilat mainly consists of day care and care service providers. Their business operations are characterised by a reluctance to tie capital up in property investments, instead using it in the core business of day care and other care service provision, which includes the development and growth of their services.

Hoivatilat was established in 2008. In the end of June 2019, Hoivatilat had over 9,000 shareholders. We operate throughout Finland, focusing particularly on growth centres. The market value of completed and unfinished property projects on the Hoivatilat balance sheet on 30 June 2019 stood at approximately 400 million.