Last modified: 31.8.2018


The purpose of the external audit is to verify that the financial statements convey accurate and adequate information on the company’s result and financial position during the financial year. The company’s auditor issues the legally required auditor’s report to the company’s shareholders in conjunction with the company’s annual financial statements. Auditing performed during the financial year is reported to the Board of Directors. The auditor and the Board of Directors meet at least once per year.

The auditor is elected by the General Meeting. The auditor’s term of office is the current financial year at the time of his/her election and it ends at the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting following his/her election.

On 23 February 2017, the company’s Annual General Meeting elected authorised public accountants KPMG Oy Ab (Business ID: 1805485-9, address: P.O. Box 1037 (Töölönlahdenkatu 3 A), FI-00101 Helsinki, Finland) as the company’s auditor, with APA Tapio Raappana as the responsible auditor.